Emman El-Badawy

Middle East Expert

Former analyst at the Centre on Religion & Geopolitics, Emman's research includes the role of education policy on identity and societies across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, and the rise of global Islamic extremism and regional sectarianism. Emman is also a Doctoral Researcher at Exeter University's Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, and has taught on MENA politics and economy, and Islamist movements. An Arabic speaker, she has worked professionally within the field of counter-extremism and Islamic radicalisation for over ten years.

Emman provides consultancy to organisations operating within MENA, as well as providing expertise for constructing international examination papers for Egyptian schools offering British GCSEs and A Levels. Emman has been a BBC 'Expert Voice' on radicalisation, political Islam, and counter-extremism in the UK and EU. She has appeared and her research has been featured on Sky News, Channel 4, BBC News, and Al Jazeera.