What Is Jaysh Khalid bin-Walid?

Although it has never officially declared its allegiance, Jaysh Khalid bin-Walid is widely seen as an affiliate of ISIS in souther...


Why Kurdistan Matters

Kurdistan looks set to continue to play a significant role on the world stage, beyond the immediate implications of the region's 2...

Kurdistan Regional Government

Religious Discrimination in Islamist Violence

Islamist extremist groups are increasingly differentiating in their violence between Muslims and non-Muslims, sparing the former a...

Religious Discrimination in Islamist Violence

A New Impetus for al-Qaeda?

With ISIS on the back foot, the conditions are beginning to take root for an al-Qaeda resurgence.


Islam Is Both a Sword and a Shield to Violent Extremism

A recent UN study finds that religion is a potent factor in both fomenting and countering violent extremism in Africa.

Islamist extremism

Between Refuge and Radicalisation

Refugee camps in many parts of the world are becoming recruitment grounds for extremists, as groups attempt to foment long-term di...


Stamping Out Hatred in the Military

The suspected involvement of serving British soldiers in a foiled terrorist plot shows that the armed forces must remain vigilant ...

Stamping Out Hatred in the Military

Boko Haram’s Exploitation of Children Contradicts Islamic Law

Boko Haram has normalised the use of children as human bombs in its attacks....


Myanmar’s Rohingya Conflict Intensifies

On 25 August, a group of Rohingya fighters launched a coordinated two-day attack on police posts in Myanmar’s Rakhine state....


Hate Speech Threatens Co-Existence in Nigeria

Social media is fast becoming a tool for national disunity in Nigeria....


Fighting Terror Post-Brexit: The Need for Cooperation

A leaked Home Office report has shed light on how the decision to exit the European Union will leave Britons more vulnerable to te...

Fighting Terror Post-Brexit: The Need for Cooperation

Underdogs, Divine Favour, and the Islamic State

How will ISIS media make sense of the death of its ‘caliphate?’ Milo Comerford argues that this eventuality has been built into th...


Terror in Barcelona

Spain has not suffered a jihadi attack since the Madrid train bombings in 2004, but authorities have been dealing with a growing t...


Boko Haram: Retreat or Resurgence?

With repeated announcements of Boko Haram's defeat, how necessary is the redeployment of Nigeria's military chiefs to combat the g...

Boko Haram

Understanding Burkina Faso’s Jihadi Context

Following the recent attack in Ouagadougou, Rachel Bryson unpacks the jihadi-related fragility in Burkina Faso and explores which ...

Islamist extremism