Understanding Burkina Faso’s Jihadi Context

Following the recent attack in Ouagadougou, Rachel Bryson unpacks the jihadi-related fragility in Burkina Faso and explores which ...

Islamist extremism

Terrorism in South Africa: What is the Risk?

Islamist extremist sleeper cells and US warnings of imminent attacks on Cape Town and Johannesburg shopping malls added to mountin...

Sub-Saharan Africa
The Johannesburg skyline.

Côte d'Ivoire Attack Was A Matter of Time

The assault by al-Qaeda gunmen on a beach resort in the African nation follows an existing pattern of jihadi violence against soft...

Côte d'Ivoire

Malian Spillover in Burkina Faso

AQIM's deadly attack on a hotel and cafe in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso highlights the country's fragility to jihadi attack –&...

Burkina Faso

Who Attacked Mali's Radisson Blu Hotel?

The circumstances surrounding the 20 November attack on Mali's Radisson Blu raises questions about the relationship between jihadi...


Mali Hotel Attack: Who Are The Prime Suspects?

Tracing a situation of chronic insecurity that has been ongoing since 2012 and seen several hotels and public spaces being targete...


Bandits, Radicals & Rebels: Violence in Mali

Despite the signing of a peace agreement, ongoing violence in Mali raises questions over the influence of Salafi-jihadi groups and...


Origins of Mali's Islamist Occupation

Violence simmers in Mali as Islamist and separatist groups continue to protest government control, but the origins of the situatio...