Terror in Barcelona

Spain has not suffered a jihadi attack since the Madrid train bombings in 2004, but authorities have been dealing with a growing t...


In ISIS' Latest Magazine, a Focus on Iran, the Philippines, and Ramadan

While much recent international focus has been on ISIS' attacks in the UK, the latest issue of the group's magazine Rumiyah sugges...


London Bridge Attack: 24 Hours Later, ISIS Claims Responsibility

At least seven have been killed in the third attack to hit the UK since March. As in those earlier incidents, jihadi sympathisers ...


Why Would ISIS Target a Concert?


ISIS Claims Manchester Attack

Details are emerging about Manchester bomber Salman Abedi, but questions remain around his ties to global jihadism and route to ra...


ISIS’ Latest Magazine Promotes New Terror Tactics

The new Rumiyah justifies attacks against Christians and encourages ISIS supporters to get hold of guns where possible and lure vi...


Al-Qaeda’s Message to Syrian Jihadis

The jihadi group's leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has called on Syrian Islamist militants to see the country's conflict as 'the cause ...


ISIS’ Latest Magazine Smacks of Desperation

In issue eight of its propaganda publication Rumiyah, the jihadi group tries to boost militant morale amid setbacks, dwindling fin...


ISIS Claims London Attacker was 'Soldier of the Caliphate'

The jihadi group says the perpetrator who killed four in Westminster was responding to its call for attacks....


London Attack: Jihadi Chatter Online But No Claim

Police suspect the Westminster attacker was inspired by international and Islamist-related terrorism....


What a New Jihadi Group Means for Mali

Early in March, four Islamic extremist factions in Mali merged and pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda....


Latest ISIS Propaganda Rails Against 'Apostasy'

The latest edition of ISIS' propaganda magazine reveals a group set on tearing global Islam apart in its efforts to prove its own ...


Sinai Province Steps Up Attacks on Coptic Christians

Two explosions on Palm Sunday are the latest in a series of attacks by ISIS' Egyptian affiliate against the minority.


ISIS Attacks on Pakistan's Sufi Shrines Continue

The jihadi group killed more than 80 people in yet another deadly assault on a Sufi shrine....


Israel Rocket Attack Was a Show of Strength by ISIS

A missile barrage on the Israeli town of Eilat shows the jihadi group's capability to attack 'the Jews and the Crusaders.'