Returning Foreign Fighters: Learning Lessons from the al-Qaeda Experience

To avoid the global proliferation of jihadi networks, we must learn from past experiences, argues Mubaraz Ahmed.


The Latest Israel-Syria Clashes: New Escalation or More of the Same?

If Israel is now targeting the Assad regime in Syria, not simply Hizbullah, then this represents a significant change in its appro...


Two Years On: The Complexity of Yemen’s Conflicts

Yemen's war is much more than a battle between the internationally recognised government and the Houthi movement. 

Two Years On: The Complexity of Yemen’s Conflicts

What Steve Bannon and al-Qaeda Have in Common

Both Donald Trump's chief strategist and the terrorist organisation believe in an existential global war.


Aleppo: The Consequences of Inaction

Syrians wanted help from the West. Now we are witnessing the cost of looking away.

Smoke billows from the former rebel-held district of Bustan al-Qasr in Aleppo, on December 12, 2016, during an operation by Syrian government forces to retake the embattled city.

Assad's 'Counter-Extremism' Battle Takes Toll on Civilians

Syria was among the worst countries for civilian deaths due to state actions, according to the Global Extremism Monitor....


The President vs. Abu Sayyaf: Three Months of Duterte

Since coming to power in June, the Philippines' president has set his sights on the Islamist militant group....


Balfour Declaration Apology Won't Help Peace in Palestine

The push for Britain to apologise for its commitment to Zionism in 1917 won't help achieve the two-state solution.


Why The US Should Not Ignore Hizbullah in Syria

Regardless of whether the Lebanese Shia militia is 'plotting' directly against the US or not, the group will instigate greater reg...


What Comes After the Defeat of ISIS in Mosul?

In the run up to the operation to recapture Mosul from ISIS, the indigenous communities of the Nineveh Plain are the victims of a ...


Is Fighting Extremism in Syria Compatible with Opposing Assad?

Amid another failed ceasefire attempt, Syria's rebels are as enmeshed as ever, with the line between jihadis and moderates blurred...


Why Syrians aren't Holding Their Breath for the Ceasefire

Until we have a truce that can secure a political settlement and provide an answer to what happens to Syria's extremist groups, th...


What is the Antibalaka?

The Antibalaka militias in the Central African Republic remain a little-understood but critical player in the ongoing national cri...


What is the Houthi Movement?

The conflict between Yemen's Houthi movement and Saudi-backed pro-government forces has been ongoing since March 2015, but the Shi...

Houthi Movement

A US-Russia Deal in Syria Would Maintain a Bloody Status Quo

The Assad dictatorship would cling onto power.