Hate Speech Threatens Co-Existence in Nigeria

Social media is fast becoming a tool for national disunity in Nigeria....


Fighting Terror Post-Brexit: The Need for Cooperation

A leaked Home Office report has shed light on how the decision to exit the European Union will leave Britons more vulnerable to te...

Fighting Terror Post-Brexit: The Need for Cooperation

Boko Haram: Retreat or Resurgence?

With repeated announcements of Boko Haram's defeat, how necessary is the redeployment of Nigeria's military chiefs to combat the g...

Boko Haram

Understanding Burkina Faso’s Jihadi Context

Following the recent attack in Ouagadougou, Rachel Bryson unpacks the jihadi-related fragility in Burkina Faso and explores which ...

Islamist extremism

ISIS’ Changing Threat to France

How is ISIS' loss of territory in Iraq and Syria affecting France's battle against extremism?


A Boko Haram Endgame?

Recent announcements from the Nigerian military suggest Boko Haram will be imminently defeated. The group's activity suggests othe...

Boko Haram

Sahel: Is the G5 ready for take-off?

What challenges does the G5 Sahel joint force face before it is set to launch in eight weeks?


The Blurry Lines Between Jihadi Networks and Ideology


How Islamist Terror Can Be Defeated


Religion, Conflict, and Geopolitics in 2017

As a new presidential administration takes the reins in Washington, and as the UK begins exiting the EU, 2017 promises to bring dr...

CRG report

We Can’t Let Extremists Exploit Silicon Valley

Google is refusing to take responsibility online, but there should be no ungoverned space when battling terrorists.

Online extremism

Deciphering Bangladeshi Terror: Fallout and response to the Holey Bakery Attack

Last July's assault on a Dhaka cafe was a wake-up call for Bangladeshi society. A national soul-searching has hastened to tackle t...

CRG report
Bangladeshi security personnel stand guard after gunmen stormed a restaurant in Dhaka's high-security diplomatic district early on July 2, 2016.

US Policy in Afghanistan: What to Expect from Trump

Can Trump scale back involvement in Afghanistan while keeping his inauguration pledge to 'eradicate radical Islamic terrorism from...


Extremism and Conflict: What to Watch in 2017

As 2016 comes to a close, CRG asks leading security and risk analysts what we should keep our eyes on when it comes to religious e...

Global security
View of the truck that drove into a Christmas market in Berlin, killing 12 people.

Morocco's Counter-Terror Approach May Just Keep ISIS at Bay

The North African state has invested heavily in its security infrastructure over the past decade.