How Islamist Terror Can Be Defeated


We Can’t Let Extremists Exploit Silicon Valley

Google is refusing to take responsibility online, but there should be no ungoverned space when battling terrorists.

Online extremism

'Coup' Attempt Could Complicate Libya's Fight Against ISIS

A recent move to challenge the UN-backed unity government in Tripoli may reconfigure political alliances in Libya, affecting the b...


A War of Keywords

Extremists are exploiting the internet....

Online extremism

How Do We Defend Against the Terror that Struck Nice?

'Lone wolf' and small-cell terror attacks are hard to predict, and to prevent....


We Must Stop Extremists in Prison Spreading Their Hate

The history of jihadism tells us that extremists thrive in prisons....

Prison radicalisation

How Can We Defeat ISIS?

The intellectual battle against ISIS will be less visible and less heroic than the military one....


This is a Battle of Ideas: Don't Ignore Ideology

As world leaders at the 70th United Nations General Assembly discuss strategies to defeat ISIS, they need to emphasise the strong ...


Prison Radicalisation in Europe

In order to successfully address the issues of prison radicalisation in Europe, we must understand the nature and scale of the pro...

Prison radicalisation

Data Vital in Tackling Jihadi Violence

Detailed data on conflicts, as well as analysis of ideologies, is essential for governments to develop effective strategies to cou...


Brazil: A Lesson in the Peaceful Navigation of Religious Change

The high level of religious freedom in Brazil is notable as the country arguably undergoes one of the most dynamic religious shift...


Al-Shabaab Rhetoric Suggests Potential Counter Narrative

As al-Shabaab seeks to expand in Kenya, it needs a receptive environment and recruits susceptible to its ideology....


Sufism: An Alternative to Extremism?

In the search for alternatives to Islamist extremist ideologies and violence, the traditional and historical Islamic practices of ...


Effective Ways to Tackle Radicalisation

The problem of some in society becoming radicalised should be tackled by building relationships with those at risk, including thro...


The Urgent Need for a Religion-Friendly Secularism

The Paris attacks show us that in order to beat Islamism, we need a secularism that encourages religion, write Ed Husain and Peter...