Why Children Are Crucial for ISIS

ISIS recruits children of a young age, indoctrinating them to its violent practices, and exposing them to venomous ideology.


Quranic Schools in the Sahel and the Radicalisation Risk

Amid a rise in extremist groups in this African region, students at Quranic schools are vulnerable to jihadi recruitment.


Textbooks of Terror: ISIS Releases its Curriculum

ISIS' efforts to show its state-like credentials has seen the group release a series of textbooks, the content of which gives an i...


How ISIS Educates Extremism

ISIS is using its territorial control to educate a new generation of ideologically indoctrinated young people, inculcating an ideo...


Violent Extremism Puts Girls' Education in Peril

Education systems and female students are amongst those most in danger from violent extremist groups according to a new report fro...


Extremist Narratives in Pakistan's Schools

In their report, 'Education Reform in Pakistan', the International Crisis Group finds that at the heart of the religious extremism...


Combat This Evil Where It Takes Root – In our Schools

The abduction of the Nigerian girls has (eventually) shocked the world....


Nigeria Kidnap Strikes at the Heart of Schools-for-All

The abduction of the Nigerian girls is an offence against the best traditions of learning in Islam writes Michael Barber, a truste...

Boko Haram
Religion & Geopolitics. Nigeria Kidnap Strikes at the Heart of Schools-for-All.

Uniting Against Extremism

Most people accept the role of the security services in preventing extremist violence, but more needs to be done to address its ro...

Religion & Geopolitics. Uniting Against Extremism.