The ‘Hamas Document’ and the Muslim Brotherhood: Ideological or Political Shift?

While the Palestinian Islamist group does not explicitly reject an affiliation with the Brotherhood, a new policy document contain...


Sinai Province Steps Up Attacks on Coptic Christians

Two explosions on Palm Sunday are the latest in a series of attacks by ISIS' Egyptian affiliate against the minority.


Israel Rocket Attack Was a Show of Strength by ISIS

A missile barrage on the Israeli town of Eilat shows the jihadi group's capability to attack 'the Jews and the Crusaders.'


What is 'Sinai Province'?

As speculation mounted last year over what caused a Russian plane to crash over the Sinai, international eyes were on ISIS' 'Sinai...

Sinai Peninsula

Israel, Egypt, and Security in the Sinai

The ISIS-affiliated 'Sinai Province' has claimed to be behind a number of high profile attacks across Egypt in recent months....


What You Need to Know About ISIS in Egypt

Egypt's Sinai region has witnessed a gradual escalation in levels of violence since 2011, mainly at the hands of the ISIS affiliat...


The Continued Plight of Egypt's Copts

The coup removing President Morsi in July last year did not bring the Copts of Egypt the relief that many hoped for....


Sinai Insurgency Threatens Egypt and the Region

The Sinai peninsular has become a hotbed of jihadi groups since the Egyptian revolution of 2011....

Religion & Geopolitics. Sinai Insurgency Threatens Egypt and the Region.

Good Government is the Issue

President Morsi of Egypt won office by a majority vote in a free election. One year later, his removal had popular support....

Religion & Geopolitics. Good Government is the Issue.


Situation reports

Tunisia is Not Following Egypt’s Path

In recent days Tunisia has seen major unrest after the assassination of opposition leader Mohamed Brahmi....

Religion & Geopolitics. Tunisia is Not Following Egypt’s Path.

Democracy and Effective Government

The events that led to the Egyptian army's removal of President Mohamed Morsi confronted the military with a simple choice: interv...

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