Fighting Terror Post-Brexit: The Need for Cooperation

A leaked Home Office report has shed light on how the decision to exit the European Union will leave Britons more vulnerable to te...

Fighting Terror Post-Brexit: The Need for Cooperation

Fighting Online Extremism: The Balance Between Liberty and Security

Regulating the internet is not an attack on our democratic society, it is essential to ensure the online space remains a hostile e...

Online extremism

What Does an ISIS Claim Actually Mean?

The jihadi group claimed responsibility for the three recent attacks in the UK, but its direct involvement remains uncertain.

What Does an ISIS Claim Actually Mean?

The Blurry Lines Between Jihadi Networks and Ideology


How Islamist Terror Can Be Defeated


British Muslims Must Reject Intolerance To Defy Extremists


Why Would ISIS Target a Concert?


ISIS Claims Manchester Attack

Details are emerging about Manchester bomber Salman Abedi, but questions remain around his ties to global jihadism and route to ra...


Why Radical Islamists Seek to Exploit Converts

When ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack on the Palace of Westminster, it was another reminder of the violent and destructi...

Islamist extremism

ISIS Claims London Attacker was 'Soldier of the Caliphate'

The jihadi group says the perpetrator who killed four in Westminster was responding to its call for attacks....


London Attack: Jihadi Chatter Online But No Claim

Police suspect the Westminster attacker was inspired by international and Islamist-related terrorism....


Religion, Conflict, and Geopolitics in 2017

As a new presidential administration takes the reins in Washington, and as the UK begins exiting the EU, 2017 promises to bring dr...

CRG report

France Must Move Beyond Security to Tackle Extremism

France must do more to tackle the religious ideology fuelling extremist violence, not just its symptoms.


Burkini Bans: Why France Is Giving Iran A Run For Its Money

Extreme secularism in France looks no different to extreme Shia ideology in Iran....


Burkini Bans Will Only Help ISIS

The sight of four armed men forcing a woman to remove her clothes on a French beach propagates the extremist narrative that the We...