What Is Jaysh Khalid bin-Walid?

Although it has never officially declared its allegiance, Jaysh Khalid bin-Walid is widely seen as an affiliate of ISIS in souther...


Syria's Civil War: Who is Supporting the Government?

An overview of the groups supporting the Assad regime on the ground today. 

Syria's Civil War: Who is Supporting the Government?

Syria's Civil War: What are the Main Factions?

Since the conflict started in 2011, armed groups have come and gone, alliances have formed and dissolved....

Syrian civil war: What are the main factions?

What is al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula?

A look at the origins and ideology of AQAP, one of the world's most prolific jihadi groups.


What is the Taliban?

Background on the Islamist militant group's aims and origins, and the current state of the Afghan struggle against it. 


What is ISIS?

Conflict in Iraq and Syria has seen ISIS seize vast territory....


What is Boko Haram?

Jihadi organisation Boko Haram continues to ravage Nigeria's northeast and the Lake Chad Basin....

Boko Haram

What is the Antibalaka?

The Antibalaka militias in the Central African Republic remain a little-understood but critical player in the ongoing national cri...


Who are the Uighurs?

China's Muslim Uighur community has gained international attention both for concerns over its religious freedom, and over links to...

The Uighurs

What is the Houthi Movement?

The conflict between Yemen's Houthi movement and Saudi-backed pro-government forces has been ongoing since March 2015, but the Shi...

Houthi Movement

What is 'Sinai Province'?

As speculation mounted last year over what caused a Russian plane to crash over the Sinai, international eyes were on ISIS' 'Sinai...

Sinai Peninsula

What is al-Shabaab?

As al-Shabaab continues to carry out deadly attacks in Somalia and Kenya, Emily Mellgard examines the origins and ideology of the ...


What is the Islamic Movement in Israel?

Israel's main Islamist group often makes headlines in the Jewish state, but little is known about it outside the country.

Islamic Movement in Israel

What is Jabhat al-Nusra?

Jabhat al-Nusra is the al-Qaeda franchise in Syria and one of the country's most powerful jihadi groups, but little is known about...

Jabhat Fatah al-Sham

What is Hamas?

Hamas continues to be a destabilising force in the Israel-Palestine peace process....