Latest London Attack: The Crest of an Anti-Muslim Wave

The Finsbury Park terror attack - the third to hit London since March - was a wake-up call to the pressing problem of Islamophobic...


State Fragility: The Role of Belief in Conflict Dynamics

The multiple pressures that are put on states, whether social, economic or political, must be understood to put into context the r...


Bad Government Creates Space for Extremist Groups

A history of corruption and bad government in three African countries has created space for extremist groups to spread their ideol...


Religion's Role in Building Stronger States

In many parts of the world, religious actors have access to unparalleled resources and influence, essential to effective statebuil...


Religion's Importance in Pakistani Politics

The Centre on Religion & Geopolitics talks to Ambassador Zamir Akram, the Pakistani Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, about the ...


Why 'Divide and Rule' Survived the Arab Spring

Many saw the Arab Spring as the death of authoritarianism in the Middle East....

Arab Spring
Religion & Geopolitics. Why 'Divide and Rule' Survived the Arab Spring.

Good Government is the Issue

President Morsi of Egypt won office by a majority vote in a free election. One year later, his removal had popular support....

Religion & Geopolitics. Good Government is the Issue.