ISIS Female Attackers: It's Not Long Before They're Deployed

ISIS attackers in Iran dressed as women reveal a recognition by the group that using female attackers has its benefits.


A Battle for Influence in the Caucasus

Russia, Turkey, and Iran compete for control of the region's ethnic and religious landscape.

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A Battle for Influence in the Caucasus

For First Time, ISIS Claims Iran Attack

Striking at the heart of the Iranian establishment, ISIS brings its sectarian violence to Tehran.


Russia, Iran, and Turkey in Central Asia: A Nexus of Minor Tensions

When it comes to Syria's war, Moscow-Tehran-Ankara dynamics have been in the headlines....

Central Asia

Syria's Civil War: Who is Supporting the Government?

An overview of the groups supporting the Assad regime on the ground today. 

Syria's Civil War: Who is Supporting the Government?

Shia Unrest in Bahrain is Not Only About Sectarianism

This is a modern dispute in which regional superpowers are pursuing their geopolitical interests under the cover of religion.


Why Syria’s Future Can Only be Secured by a Multinational Stabilisation Force

The Syrian civil war is three conflicts in one: a proxy war, a popular uprising, and a counter-extremism struggle....

The UN Security Council after a vote to approve a Russian-Turkish peace plan for Syria, 31 December 2016.

Long-term threat of Iraq's Shia militias

The incorporation of the predominantly Shia Popular Mobilisation Units as a government entity operating alongside the army has rai...

Fighters from the Asaib Ahl al-Haq militia in Basra.

Burkini Bans: Why France Is Giving Iran A Run For Its Money

Extreme secularism in France looks no different to extreme Shia ideology in Iran....


What Khamenei's letter shares with jihadi propaganda

In a message to Europe's youth after the deadly Paris attacks, Iran's supreme leader stands at the crossroads between two bitterly...


Saudi Arabia, Iran and the Contest for Yemen

As Yemen's political crisis grows increasingly polarised, a Chatham House report examines its regional aspects, and their ideologi...



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Democracy and Effective Government

The events that led to the Egyptian army's removal of President Mohamed Morsi confronted the military with a simple choice: interv...

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