Why Radical Islamists Seek to Exploit Converts

When ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack on the Palace of Westminster, it was another reminder of the violent and destructi...

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Will Islamists Ride the Wave of Muslim Democracy?

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What is the Islamic Movement in Israel?

Israel's main Islamist group often makes headlines in the Jewish state, but little is known about it outside the country.

Islamic Movement in Israel

The West's Refusal to Confront Islamism is Doing ISIS' Work for It

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If the Castle Falls

If the Castle Falls: Ideology and Objectives of the Syrian Rebellion


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The rise and fall of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has seen it go from the presidential palace to having most of its leadership in pr...

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A Shining Light? Islamism and Democracy in Tunisia

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Briefing Note: ISIS and Religion

With the United Nations Security Council voting unanimously on 24 September to adopt a resolution emphasising the urgent need to t...