A Battle for Influence in the Caucasus

Russia, Turkey, and Iran compete for control of the region's ethnic and religious landscape.

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A Battle for Influence in the Caucasus

Latest London Attack: The Crest of an Anti-Muslim Wave

The Finsbury Park terror attack - the third to hit London since March - was a wake-up call to the pressing problem of Islamophobic...


What Does an ISIS Claim Actually Mean?

The jihadi group claimed responsibility for the three recent attacks in the UK, but its direct involvement remains uncertain.

What Does an ISIS Claim Actually Mean?

For First Time, ISIS Claims Iran Attack

Striking at the heart of the Iranian establishment, ISIS brings its sectarian violence to Tehran.


London Bridge Attack: 24 Hours Later, ISIS Claims Responsibility

At least seven have been killed in the third attack to hit the UK since March. As in those earlier incidents, jihadi sympathisers ...


The Libyan Links of the Manchester Attacker

The suicide bombing has had significant repercussions in Libya, with different factions attempting to use it to undermine their ri...


ISIS in the Philippines? The Marawi Battle Intensifies

The raising of ISIS’ black flag over the city sent a strong message that despite setbacks in the Levant, the jihadi group remains ...


How Islamist Terror Can Be Defeated


ISIS’ Latest Magazine Promotes New Terror Tactics

The new Rumiyah justifies attacks against Christians and encourages ISIS supporters to get hold of guns where possible and lure vi...


Is an ISIS/al-Qaeda Merger on the Cards?

Iraq's vice president says the two jihadi groups have been in discussions, but while dialogue is one thing, a prospective alliance...


ISIS’ Latest Magazine Smacks of Desperation

In issue eight of its propaganda publication Rumiyah, the jihadi group tries to boost militant morale amid setbacks, dwindling fin...


Why Radical Islamists Seek to Exploit Converts

When ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack on the Palace of Westminster, it was another reminder of the violent and destructi...

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Can Somalia’s New President Negotiate with al-Shabaab?

Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo is seen as a man of integrity, cracking down on corruption, and fostering good governance....


Tahrir al-Sham Attack Highlights Increasing Sectarianism in Syria

The jihadi coalition says twin blasts that killed more than 70 mostly Shia pilgrims in Damascus were a way to hit Assad and his Ir...

Tahrir al-Sham Attack Highlights Increasing Sectarianism in Syria

Religion, Conflict, and Geopolitics in 2017

As a new presidential administration takes the reins in Washington, and as the UK begins exiting the EU, 2017 promises to bring dr...

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