‘Joint’ ISIS, Taliban Attack Shows Fluidity of Afghan Jihadism

A recent attack on a Shia village suggests the Taliban is becoming increasingly sectarian, or is working more closely with ISIS....

‘Joint’ ISIS, Taliban Attack Shows Fluidity of Afghan Jihadism

The Jihadi Gender Imbalance

The lack of understanding of female jihadis has led to an over-simplified treatment of the topic, writes Rachel Bryson.


Female Suicide Bombers May Be New For ISIS, But They’re No Stranger to Iraq

After previously prohibiting the use of female attackers, why the change in ISIS' tactics? 

Female Suicide Bombers May Be New For ISIS, But They’re No Stranger to Iraq

ISIS Female Attackers: It's Not Long Before They're Deployed

ISIS attackers in Iran dressed as women reveal a recognition by the group that using female attackers has its benefits.


In ISIS' Latest Magazine, a Focus on Iran, the Philippines, and Ramadan

While much recent international focus has been on ISIS' attacks in the UK, the latest issue of the group's magazine Rumiyah sugges...


British Muslims Must Reject Intolerance To Defy Extremists


Why Would ISIS Target a Concert?


ISIS Claims Manchester Attack

Details are emerging about Manchester bomber Salman Abedi, but questions remain around his ties to global jihadism and route to ra...


Russia, Iran, and Turkey in Central Asia: A Nexus of Minor Tensions

When it comes to Syria's war, Moscow-Tehran-Ankara dynamics have been in the headlines....

Central Asia

Al-Qaeda’s Message to Syrian Jihadis

The jihadi group's leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has called on Syrian Islamist militants to see the country's conflict as 'the cause ...


Is an ISIS/al-Qaeda Merger on the Cards?

Iraq's vice president says the two jihadi groups have been in discussions, but while dialogue is one thing, a prospective alliance...


Latest ISIS Propaganda Rails Against 'Apostasy'

The latest edition of ISIS' propaganda magazine reveals a group set on tearing global Islam apart in its efforts to prove its own ...


ISIS Attacks on Pakistan's Sufi Shrines Continue

The jihadi group killed more than 80 people in yet another deadly assault on a Sufi shrine....


What is al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula?

A look at the origins and ideology of AQAP, one of the world's most prolific jihadi groups.


How Jihadis are Exploiting the Rohingya Crisis

With Islamist militant groups co-opting the cause of the persecuted Muslim minority, the crisis in Myanmar could escalate into reg...