The Libyan Links of the Manchester Attacker

The suicide bombing has had significant repercussions in Libya, with different factions attempting to use it to undermine their ri...


'Coup' Attempt Could Complicate Libya's Fight Against ISIS

A recent move to challenge the UN-backed unity government in Tripoli may reconfigure political alliances in Libya, affecting the b...


After Sirte, What's Next for ISIS in Libya?


Sub-Saharan Africa's Extremist Hotspots

Data from the first four months of the Global Extremism Monitor reveals that extremist groups in sub-Saharan Africa are as destruc...

Sub-Saharan Africa

Tripoli Cannot Impose Unity on Libya

With pressure from militias and a growing ISIS presence, can Libya's Government of National Accord really exert control?


Tunisia Border Clashes Show ISIS' Destabilising Force

Fighting between security forces and suspected ISIS militants on the Tunisia-Libya border highlights the acute threat the group po...


What Does ISIS Stand to Gain in Libya?

Despite the overwhelming international focus on Iraq and Syria, Libya has emerged as a key battleground for the so-called caliphat...


Militias Must Unite Against ISIS in Libya

ISIS continues to expand in Libya as rivals jostle for power and the UN looks to build a unity government....


A House Divided: Jihadis Battle for Derna

ISIS is fighting with other jihadi groups for the Libyan city of Derna....


Placing ISIS' Persecution of the Copts in Context

The murder of 21 Christians by ISIS in Libya brought condemnation from around the world....


Jonathan Powell: Religion and Peace Making

In a wide-ranging interview, Jonathan Powell, the British Prime Minister's Special Envoy to the Libyan Transition, speaks about th...


Security and Justice in the Libya Conflict

A United States Institute of Peace (USIP) report comprehensively maps the disintegration of Libya's security and justice sector fr...


Briefing Note: Crisis in Libya

In this Briefing Note, we take a look at Libya and the recent escalations in a conflict which has continued since the uprising aga...



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