Understanding Burkina Faso’s Jihadi Context

Following the recent attack in Ouagadougou, Rachel Bryson unpacks the jihadi-related fragility in Burkina Faso and explores which ...

Islamist extremism

Sahel: Is the G5 ready for take-off?

What challenges does the G5 Sahel joint force face before it is set to launch in eight weeks?


Securing the Sahel: Macron’s Fight Against Militancy

Macron has vowed to 'eradicate' extremists in Mali, but military might alone isn't enough.

Securing the Sahel: Macron’s Fight Against Militancy

What a New Jihadi Group Means for Mali

Early in March, four Islamic extremist factions in Mali merged and pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda....


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The circumstances surrounding the 20 November attack on Mali's Radisson Blu raises questions about the relationship between jihadi...


Mali Hotel Attack: Who Are The Prime Suspects?

Tracing a situation of chronic insecurity that has been ongoing since 2012 and seen several hotels and public spaces being targete...


The Return of the Malian Islamists?

Despite the peace deal signed by Mali's government in June, violence in the country persists....


Bandits, Radicals & Rebels: Violence in Mali

Despite the signing of a peace agreement, ongoing violence in Mali raises questions over the influence of Salafi-jihadi groups and...


Origins of Mali's Islamist Occupation

Violence simmers in Mali as Islamist and separatist groups continue to protest government control, but the origins of the situatio...