Underdogs, Divine Favour, and the Islamic State

How will ISIS media make sense of the death of its ‘caliphate?’ Milo Comerford argues that this eventuality has been built into th...


Detector Disputes: Tensions at Temple Mount

Recent tensions around Jerusalem's Temple Mount are the worst in years, and the effects are being felt across the region, explains...

Detector Disputes: Tensions at Temple Mount

ISIS Female Attackers: It's Not Long Before They're Deployed

ISIS attackers in Iran dressed as women reveal a recognition by the group that using female attackers has its benefits.


Al-Nuri Mosque: The Turning of the ISIS Tide?

For Muslims around the world, observing the holy month of Ramadan is about prayer and finding peace, but for ISIS it is a period o...


The Rukban Refugee Camp: Implications for Jordan's Security

Concerns over the presence of militants in the camp on the Jordanian-Syrian border, home to tens of thousands of Syrian refugees, ...


For First Time, ISIS Claims Iran Attack

Striking at the heart of the Iranian establishment, ISIS brings its sectarian violence to Tehran.


The Libyan Links of the Manchester Attacker

The suicide bombing has had significant repercussions in Libya, with different factions attempting to use it to undermine their ri...


Russia, Iran, and Turkey in Central Asia: A Nexus of Minor Tensions

When it comes to Syria's war, Moscow-Tehran-Ankara dynamics have been in the headlines....

Central Asia

Syria's Civil War: Who is Supporting the Government?

An overview of the groups supporting the Assad regime on the ground today. 

Syria's Civil War: Who is Supporting the Government?

The ‘Hamas Document’ and the Muslim Brotherhood: Ideological or Political Shift?

While the Palestinian Islamist group does not explicitly reject an affiliation with the Brotherhood, a new policy document contain...


Is an ISIS/al-Qaeda Merger on the Cards?

Iraq's vice president says the two jihadi groups have been in discussions, but while dialogue is one thing, a prospective alliance...


The Latest Israel-Syria Clashes: New Escalation or More of the Same?

If Israel is now targeting the Assad regime in Syria, not simply Hizbullah, then this represents a significant change in its appro...


Two Years On: The Complexity of Yemen’s Conflicts

Yemen's war is much more than a battle between the internationally recognised government and the Houthi movement. 

Two Years On: The Complexity of Yemen’s Conflicts

By Ignoring its Allies, the West Empowers its Enemies in Syria

Turkey's operations in Syria are informed by the twin domestic threats of Kurdish separatist and Islamist terrorism....


What Steve Bannon and al-Qaeda Have in Common

Both Donald Trump's chief strategist and the terrorist organisation believe in an existential global war.