Islam Is Both a Sword and a Shield to Violent Extremism

A recent UN study finds that religion is a potent factor in both fomenting and countering violent extremism in Africa.

Islamist extremism

Hate Speech Threatens Co-Existence in Nigeria

Social media is fast becoming a tool for national disunity in Nigeria....


Boko Haram: Retreat or Resurgence?

With repeated announcements of Boko Haram's defeat, how necessary is the redeployment of Nigeria's military chiefs to combat the g...

Boko Haram

A Boko Haram Endgame?

Recent announcements from the Nigerian military suggest Boko Haram will be imminently defeated. The group's activity suggests othe...

Boko Haram

Boko Haram: How Perpetrators Impersonate Victims

Boko Haram is shifting its insurgency tactics, impersonating refugees to carry out attacks across the Lake Chad basin, writes Bula...

Boko Haram
Boko Haram: How Perpetrators Impersonate Victims

Senegal, ISIS, and al-Qaeda: A Terrorism Trifecta

The West African nation contributes to regional counter-terror initiatives, is located within the geographic reach of al-Qaeda inf...


The Aftermath of the Chibok Girls Deal

Do videos released by Boko Haram spell the end for hopes of broader negotiations between the jihadi group and the government?

Boko Haram

The Chibok Girls Deal: A Sign that Dialogue with Boko Haram is Possible?

This latest agreement could be a harbinger for broader dialogue with the ISIS affiliate, or an indication that it is softening its...

Boko Haram

Boko Haram’s Baya to Baghdadi: Two Years On

How has the Islamist extremist movement changed since its oath of fealty to ISIS' leader?

Boko Haram

Al-Qaeda’s Nigerian Chapter

Is al-Qaeda trying to court a Boko Haram faction away from its alliance to ISIS?

Boko Haram

The Oxygen of Publicity: Boko Haram’s PR Machine

From audio tapes to ISIS-style videos, Boko Haram's propaganda strategy has grown increasingly sophisticated.

Boko Haram

What a Recent Attack Tells Us About Boko Haram’s Ideology

A suicide blast at the University of Maiduguri opens a new chapter in the ISIS affiliate's guerilla warfare, and gives insight int...

Boko Haram
A woman walks through the streets of Maiduguri.

Leadership Struggle Reveals Boko Haram's War of Ideologies

ISIS has announced a new leader for its Nigerian affiliate....

Boko Haram

The Shadowy Ties Between ISIS and Boko Haram

Is the reported collaboration between the two Salafi-jihadi groups nothing more than a public relations exercise?

Boko Haram

The Theory and Reality of Boko Haram

Two recent reports, one academic and one journalistic, give valuable insight into the ideology of Nigeria's Islamist insurgency.

Boko Haram