Africa's 2017 Terrorism Outlook

What can the continent expect from Boko Haram, al-Shabaab, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), and ISIS – and efforts to count...

Sub-Saharan Africa

Morocco's Counter-Terror Approach May Just Keep ISIS at Bay

The North African state has invested heavily in its security infrastructure over the past decade.


What is 'Sinai Province'?

As speculation mounted last year over what caused a Russian plane to crash over the Sinai, international eyes were on ISIS' 'Sinai...

Sinai Peninsula

After Sirte, What's Next for ISIS in Libya?


What Is The State Of ISIS In Africa?

ISIS claims to operate in seven countries in the continent, where political and economic turmoil has proved conducive to violent r...


Milestones to Militancy

In new research, the Centre on Religion & Geopolitics looks at what the lives of 100 jihadis tell us about the global jihadi m...


Tunisia Border Clashes Show ISIS' Destabilising Force

Fighting between security forces and suspected ISIS militants on the Tunisia-Libya border highlights the acute threat the group po...


What Does ISIS Stand to Gain in Libya?

Despite the overwhelming international focus on Iraq and Syria, Libya has emerged as a key battleground for the so-called caliphat...


Tunisian Tremors

As Tunisia suffers its third major ISIS-claimed attack this year, Emman El-Badawy explores what increasing violence could mean for...


Militias Must Unite Against ISIS in Libya

ISIS continues to expand in Libya as rivals jostle for power and the UN looks to build a unity government....


A Shining Light? Islamism and Democracy in Tunisia

Major questions were asked of the so-called 'success story' of the Arab Spring after the Sousse attack....


Israel, Egypt, and Security in the Sinai

The ISIS-affiliated 'Sinai Province' has claimed to be behind a number of high profile attacks across Egypt in recent months....


Continuing Insecurity in the Sahel

A new International Crisis Group report finds that government structures and patronage networks in the Sahel create fertile ground...

North Africa

What You Need to Know About ISIS in Egypt

Egypt's Sinai region has witnessed a gradual escalation in levels of violence since 2011, mainly at the hands of the ISIS affiliat...


Briefing Note: Jihadi Threat in Tunisia

June's ISIS-claimed attack in Sousse, following the Bardo Museum assault in March, shows the threat Tunisia faces from jihadism....