Pakistan's Online Blasphemy Battle

The proliferation of the internet and social media is opening up a new chapter in Pakistan’s war against blasphemy, explains write...


Ahmadi Persecution, A Global Issue

The killing last year of a Glasgow shopkeeper highlighted divisions around this Islamic sect, and the discrimination it faces acro...


ISIS Attacks on Pakistan's Sufi Shrines Continue

The jihadi group killed more than 80 people in yet another deadly assault on a Sufi shrine....


ISIS' 'Khorasan Province,' Two Years On

Can the jihadi group consider its two-year-old venture in Afghanistan and Pakistan a success?

An Afghan soldier keeps watch in front of a building used as a courtroom by ISIS in eastern Nangarhar.

Does Quetta Attack Show ISIS Shifting Focus to Pakistan?

With ISIS claiming a major attack in Quetta, the group may be looking to expand into Pakistan as its 'caliphate' suffers in Iraq a...


Religious Divisions over Pakistan's Blasphemy Law

The recent execution of Malik Mumtaz Qadri, who assassinated the governor of Punjab, shines a spotlight on Pakistan's religious pu...


In Pakistan, Extremism Goes On Despite Army Offensive

Home to more than 50 militant groups, religious extremism plagues Pakistan, despite an ongoing army clampdown on militants, as ref...


Religion and Counter-Terrorism in Pakistan

The fight against terrorism and religious extremism in Pakistan is in doubt despite a new counter-terrorism plan introduced by the...


Global Overtones of Kashmir Violence

While militancy in Indian-controlled Kashmir has declined in recent years, developments in Iraq and Syria have the potential to br...


Migration and Militancy Along the Pakistani Border

Ongoing counter-insurgency efforts by the Pakistani military are leaving thousands displaced....


State Ambivalence Towards Jihadi Groups in Pakistan

December's attack on a Peshawar school by the Pakistani Taliban has sparked a public backlash....


What is the Pakistani Taliban?

After their devastating attack on a school in Peshawar, Milo Comerford looks at the emergence and ideology of the Pakistani Taliba...

Pakistani Taliban

Religious Paradoxes in Pakistan

The international community must provide sustained engagement to help Pakistan escape a self-perpetuating cycle of religious discr...


Rising Sectarianism and the Promotion of Tolerance in Pakistan

Two new reports from USIP highlight the rising sectarian violence in Pakistan and analyse the unique position religious leaders ar...


What is the Pakistani Taliban?

A look at the origins and ideology of the militant group, whose stated objectives include the establishment of spheres of Sharia r...