In ISIS' Latest Magazine, a Focus on Iran, the Philippines, and Ramadan

While much recent international focus has been on ISIS' attacks in the UK, the latest issue of the group's magazine Rumiyah sugges...


What Does an ISIS Claim Actually Mean?

The jihadi group claimed responsibility for the three recent attacks in the UK, but its direct involvement remains uncertain.

What Does an ISIS Claim Actually Mean?

Al-Qaeda’s Nigerian Chapter

Is al-Qaeda trying to court a Boko Haram faction away from its alliance to ISIS?

Boko Haram

Latest ISIS Propaganda Rails Against 'Apostasy'

The latest edition of ISIS' propaganda magazine reveals a group set on tearing global Islam apart in its efforts to prove its own ...


The Oxygen of Publicity: Boko Haram’s PR Machine

From audio tapes to ISIS-style videos, Boko Haram's propaganda strategy has grown increasingly sophisticated.

Boko Haram

Death of a Spokesman: What Adnani's Death Means for ISIS

Decimating ISIS' senior leadership will mean little without robust attempts to undermine the appeal of its message.


In Their Own Words: Why ISIS Hates the West

In the latest edition of its English-language magazine Dabiq, ISIS discusses its reasons for targeting the west, and its hatred of...


After Orlando: Lone Attackers and ISIS Propaganda

ISIS was quick to claim responsibility for the 49 people massacred in an LGBT nightclub....


ISIS Magazine Targets Sunni 'Apostates'

The latest issue of ISIS' English-language magazine, Dabiq, pursues a starkly intra-Sunni sectarian agenda in contrast to the prev...


ISIS Exploits the Sunni-Shia Split

The latest issue of ISIS' English-language magazine Dabiq focuses on sectarian divisions, hot on the heels of Saudi Arabia's execu...


ISIS Video: A Change of Tack?

A recently released ISIS video features a masked jihadi with a noticeable British accent directing threats at Britain....


What Khamenei's letter shares with jihadi propaganda

In a message to Europe's youth after the deadly Paris attacks, Iran's supreme leader stands at the crossroads between two bitterly...


After the Terror, the Propaganda

ISIS' latest propaganda magazine, Dabiq, focuses on the tragic Paris attacks and Russian airliner bombing....


Textbooks of Terror: ISIS Releases its Curriculum

ISIS' efforts to show its state-like credentials has seen the group release a series of textbooks, the content of which gives an i...


Al-Risalah: A Letter from al-Qaeda to ISIS

The latest issue of Al-Risalah, the magazine of al-Qaeda's Syrian affiliate, aims to present al-Qaeda as the true representat...

Jabhat al-Nusra