Shia Unrest in Bahrain is Not Only About Sectarianism

This is a modern dispute in which regional superpowers are pursuing their geopolitical interests under the cover of religion.


Saudi-Iraqi Tensions Should be a Wake-Up Call on Sectarianism

ISIS has shown that localised sectarian tensions can give rise to global terrorism, and that marriages of convenience can come bac...


Global Extremism in June 2016

The five deadliest violent extremist attacks in June claimed at least 577 lives, according to the latest Global Extremism Monitor....

Global Extremism Monitor

ISIS Imports Sectarianism to Afghanistan

Afghanistan's 'long war' is entrenched and intractable, but unlike conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon it has not been ch...


ISIS Magazine Targets Sunni 'Apostates'

The latest issue of ISIS' English-language magazine, Dabiq, pursues a starkly intra-Sunni sectarian agenda in contrast to the prev...


Behind the GCC's Terrorist Designation of Hizbullah

The Gulf Cooperation Council's move to blacklist the Lebanese Shia militia goes back at least three years, and is largely a functi...


ISIS Attack on Damascus Shia Shrine Opens Deep Wounds

The triple blast at the shrine of Sayyida Zaynab in the Syrian capital has a deeper significance within a history dating back much...


Shia in Nigeria: Deliberate Violence or Mistaken Intent?

Last month's deadly clashes between the army and the Islamic Movement of Nigeria echoes the first rumblings of the Boko Haram insu...


ISIS Exploits the Sunni-Shia Split

The latest issue of ISIS' English-language magazine Dabiq focuses on sectarian divisions, hot on the heels of Saudi Arabia's execu...


Saudi Arabia's Executions: Why Now?

Saudi Arabia's execution of Nimr al-Nimr, along with 46 others, in January drew widespread condemnation and a growing regional cri...

Saudi Arabia

What Khamenei's letter shares with jihadi propaganda

In a message to Europe's youth after the deadly Paris attacks, Iran's supreme leader stands at the crossroads between two bitterly...


The Other Apocalypse

Apocalyptic imagery permeates the current conflicts of the Middle East....

Shia extremism

The Lebanon Equation

Spillover from the Syrian conflict is upsetting the delicate religious balance in Lebanon....


Five Questions on...Religion and Conflict in Yemen

As the Shia Houthi movement consolidates recent gains in the Yemeni capital Sana'a, Thanos Petouris of the School of Oriental and ...


Exploring the Sunni-Shia Divide

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has produced an interactive guide that explains the appeal of the 'schism' within Islam bet...