Islam Is Both a Sword and a Shield to Violent Extremism

A recent UN study finds that religion is a potent factor in both fomenting and countering violent extremism in Africa.

Islamist extremism

Can Somalia’s New President Negotiate with al-Shabaab?

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Sub-Saharan Africa's Extremist Hotspots

Data from the first four months of the Global Extremism Monitor reveals that extremist groups in sub-Saharan Africa are as destruc...

Sub-Saharan Africa

Al-Shabaab Divided Over ISIS Courtship

ISIS has pursued al-Shabaab for its pledge of allegiance for months....


Will al-Shabaab join ISIS?

Rumours are circulating that al-Shabaab is to join ISIS, but such a move faces formidable obstacles, writes Emily Mellgard.


Al-Shabaab's Changing Tactics

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Al-Shabaab Rhetoric Suggests Potential Counter Narrative

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Al-Shabaab's Three Crises

In the wake of al-Shabaab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane's death from a US airstrike in September, Stig Jarle Hansen examines the leader...