ISIS Attacks on Pakistan's Sufi Shrines Continue

The jihadi group killed more than 80 people in yet another deadly assault on a Sufi shrine....


Deciphering Bangladeshi Terror: Fallout and response to the Holey Bakery Attack

Last July's assault on a Dhaka cafe was a wake-up call for Bangladeshi society. A national soul-searching has hastened to tackle t...

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Bangladeshi security personnel stand guard after gunmen stormed a restaurant in Dhaka's high-security diplomatic district early on July 2, 2016.

What is the Taliban?

Background on the Islamist militant group's aims and origins, and the current state of the Afghan struggle against it. 


ISIS' 'Khorasan Province,' Two Years On

Can the jihadi group consider its two-year-old venture in Afghanistan and Pakistan a success?

An Afghan soldier keeps watch in front of a building used as a courtroom by ISIS in eastern Nangarhar.

Counter-Extremism in India: ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Beyond

Concerns over the rise of Islamist extremism in India have been steadily growing, a trend that is reflected in the .


Israel and India's Growing Alliance

The two allies, one majority Jewish, the other majority Hindu, are seeing a growth in domestic religious extremism....

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Sri Lanka Elects: The Role of Ethnic and Religious Tensions

Sri Lanka's parliamentary elections are on 17 August 2015....

Sri Lanka

Religious Freedom and Sri Lanka's Upcoming Election

The inaction of the previous government led to increased persecution of religious minority communities in Sri Lanka....

Sri Lanka

Global Overtones of Kashmir Violence

While militancy in Indian-controlled Kashmir has declined in recent years, developments in Iraq and Syria have the potential to br...


Migration and Militancy Along the Pakistani Border

Ongoing counter-insurgency efforts by the Pakistani military are leaving thousands displaced....


India's Concerning 'Saffron' Tide

Hindu nationalists are becoming increasingly emboldened by the Indian administration's reluctance to speak out against religious p...


Deadlock and Displacement in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has seen a recent flare-up in political violence, this comes amid a major internal displacement crisis arising from the...


Modi Must Commit to Religious Freedom in 2015

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi completes over eight months in office, Lisa Curtis assesses his commitment to religious freedom du...


State Ambivalence Towards Jihadi Groups in Pakistan

December's attack on a Peshawar school by the Pakistani Taliban has sparked a public backlash....


What is the Pakistani Taliban?

After their devastating attack on a school in Peshawar, Milo Comerford looks at the emergence and ideology of the Pakistani Taliba...

Pakistani Taliban