A New Impetus for al-Qaeda?

With ISIS on the back foot, the conditions are beginning to take root for an al-Qaeda resurgence.


By Ignoring its Allies, the West Empowers its Enemies in Syria

Turkey's operations in Syria are informed by the twin domestic threats of Kurdish separatist and Islamist terrorism....


Religion, Conflict, and Geopolitics in 2017

As a new presidential administration takes the reins in Washington, and as the UK begins exiting the EU, 2017 promises to bring dr...

CRG report

US Policy in Afghanistan: What to Expect from Trump

Can Trump scale back involvement in Afghanistan while keeping his inauguration pledge to 'eradicate radical Islamic terrorism from...


Why The US Should Not Ignore Hizbullah in Syria

Regardless of whether the Lebanese Shia militia is 'plotting' directly against the US or not, the group will instigate greater reg...


How the New York Bombing Was Inspired by a US Ideologue

Blast suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami wrote in his journal that he was looking for answers....

Islamist extremism

The One Thing Donald Trump Can't Build a Wall Against

Muslim immigrants don't bring terrorism – ideology does.


A US-Russia Deal in Syria Would Maintain a Bloody Status Quo

The Assad dictatorship would cling onto power.


After Orlando: Lone Attackers and ISIS Propaganda

ISIS was quick to claim responsibility for the 49 people massacred in an LGBT nightclub....


What is Behind the Orlando Shooting?

The murder of 49 people at an LGBT nightclub by a gunman claiming allegiance to ISIS reinforces the danger of the group's appeal t...


Trump's Statements about Muslims are a Gift to ISIS

The Republican frontrunner apparently forgot who suffers the most from ISIS' violence


Countering Violent Extremism Summit: Points and Reactions

Following a White House summit on Countering Violent Extremism from 18 to 20 February 2015, the Centre on Religion & Geopoliti...


U.S. Policy to Counter Nigeria's Boko Haram

Nigeria continues to be ravaged by the homegrown violent Islamist group Boko Haram, which has declared a caliphate in the areas un...

Boko Haram

Growing Concerns for Religious Minorities in Myanmar

As issues over the treatment of religious and ethnic minorities in Myanmar persist, particularly the discrimination against Rohing...

Religious freedom

Global Religious Freedom in 2013

In 2013 the world witnessed the largest displacement of members of religious communities in recent memory, according to the annual...

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