The Centre on Religion & Geopolitics (CRG) is an international affairs think-tank. It presents informed analysis on the global interaction of religion, geopolitics, and conflict.

For too long the role of ideology in extremism has been marginalised. We want this to change. Policy makers can no longer ignore the global threat posed by these ideologies, but if they are to be defeated, they must first be understood. Our work drives the debate, engages with decision makers, and changes policy.

Our research into ideology, analysis of conflict, and monitoring of both the activities of radical groups, and government responses, provides the thought leadership needed to properly define the challenge and grasp its global scale.

In the news and behind the scenes, we offer policy responses to meet the scale of the challenge. CRG convenes policy-makers, senior politicians, journalists, and experts in the field at our events around the world.

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Center on Religion & Geopolitics Staff